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Here is just a sampling of the things to do on the Mendocino Coast.  Some of our favorites are kayaking, strolling on the beach, finding a new book at the Gallery Bookshop, listening to a band at the Caspar Inn, and shopping.

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse & Preserve is about one mile north of the Blue Heron and is one of our favorite walks.  A large fish tank with specimins lets you get right up close to some of the local sea creatures.  Whale watching, seal watching, sea bird watching, and of course wave watching are spectacular from here.

Glass Beach

Russian Gulch Waterfall Trail

Mendocino is home to a rich selection of stunning outdoor beauty.  We've been visiting the coast for almost twenty years and make new discoveries during each trip.  We use and highly recommend The HIKER"S hip pocket GUIDE to the Mendocino Coast written by Bob Lorentzen.  A copy of the latest edition and a pair of binoculars are available to our guests during their stay.

Russian Gulch is within walking distance of the Blue Heron.  One of our favorite hikes is the waterfall loop.  We suggested going left when you are presented with the choice.  They also have a small beach and a large collapsed sea cave called the Devil's Punch Bowl.  The headlands of this state park can be seen from our home.

Jug Handle State Natural Reserve is less than two miles north.  We recommend the Ecological Staircase trail to the pygmy forest.

MacKerricher is located north of Fort Bragg.  The last time Eric was there the seal pupping season was in full swing; "they're sooo cute".  On one of our first visits to this park we found ourselves entrenched in trying to identify a small bird for what seemed to be an hour.  Finally I saw it had a yellow rump and exclaimed AHA!

Mendocino Headlands is a great walk while you're in the Village.  We've seen whales from here too.

Van Damme is located south of the Village in Little River.  Walking alongside Litter River though the lush fern canyon is just wonderful, especially after the rains.  If you go to the end through the camp grounds and up the fire road you will come to a local pygmy forest.  If it's the right time of year huckleberries will be plentiful.  Pssst... you can cheat and drive to the pygmy forest but where's the fun in that?

Big River Beach

Big River Beach sits below Mendocino Village.

Caspar Beach is located about one and a half miles north of the Blue Heron.

Glass Beach

Liquid Fusion Kayaks



Kayaking around the Mendocino Coastline and its rivers is not to be missed!  Saundra took private lessons from Liquid Fussion Kayaking and still continues to talk about to whom ever will listen.  Highly recommended!

Horseback Riding


Whale Watching


Prentice Gallery is now located in the Village at Main Street.  Lynne Prentice is the proprietor and a fabulous artist in her own right. 

Wisdom House Gallery


Ford House Museum


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Caspar Inn is a historic nightclub and local road house that has been around since 1906.  This is a great venue for local music as well as many famous bands; some of our favorites are The English Beat and Pato Banton.



Silver & Stone

Sacred Woods

Pacific Star Winery

Spunky Skunk

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